All America Pool is your source for all of your pool supplies and equipment. We take the stress out of finding pool supplies. We carry a large variety of pool maintenance items in various brands. All America Pool is very particular about the brands we stock. We know that families depend on us to ensure that, even while having a good time, they are safe in the water. All America Pool does not sell anything that we don’t stand by.

We are an authorized reseller for Lomart and Doughboy products and pool supplies. We also sell chemical programs from Omni Synergy System. Additional brands that we believe in and offer include:

  • Fort Wayne Pools - which is where we purchase our in-ground pools. Fort Wayne Pools also manufactures the steps, liner, and coping used at All America Pool.
  • Shoreline Hot Tubs/Spas
  • Doughboy Pools - is our authorized partner for above ground pools and liners.
  • Lomart - is another authorized partner for above ground pools.
  • Hayward - supplies us with both in-ground and above-ground equipment pumps, filters, salt systems, and automatic pool cleaners.
  • Frog Leap - supplies us with mineral pool systems.
  • Omni Synergy System - supplies 2-part chemical pool systems which we are proud to offer.

We also offer an assortment of specialty products designed to prevent or get rid of unsavory water conditions. Contact All America Pool at 502-448-0300 to find out more about the brands we carry or to purchase pool supplies.