Above Ground Spring Pool Openings

When you choose All America Pool for your above ground spring pool opening, you are choosing a team of professionals who will get everything done at once and the right way. Our service includes draining off any water that collected on the cover before removing it. Then we add the necessary start-up chemicals and hook up the pump and filter before starting the system. We are also happy to fold the cover for you, so you can easily store it.

An above ground pool opening ranges between $300 - $450.

Inground Spring Pool Openings

Our inground spring pool opening service is an all inclusive deal that includes removing the pool cover and folding it up, removing all of winterizing plugs in the pool lines, putting in a directional skimmer basket to clean the pool, and adding the necessary start-up chemicals. We also unwinterize the filter system and start it up to make sure it works.

The price of an inground pool opening ranges from $350 - $850.